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“A home should feel like a personal sanctuary, that renews your energy and feeds your soul.” -Mar Silver, Principal
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These words form the basis for the design philosophy and signature style that is MAR SILVER. Relying on an approach that balances minimalism with casual sophistication, our projects thoughtfully blend clean and modern elements with components related to nature and spirituality. The resulting rooms are marked by a sense of relaxation and tranquility that firmly establish the ‘home as sanctuary’ ideal.

Since its inception in 2000, MAR SILVER has emerged as the choice for discerning clients seeking a fresh modern look that goes beyond the visual to embrace the senses. Our organic direction emphasizes the tactile—played out in fabrics, floor and wall coverings.

At the core of our process is a reverence for architecture and form and a belief that the best designs evolve from the blueprint up. To that end we utilize the interplay of space, scale, light, architectural details, textures and custom finishes as baselines for adding warmth and character.

Our goal as a company is to approach each client as unique and to continue exploring the vast array of elements and ideals that contribute to a feeling of harmony and serenity. Paramount to that is our ongoing pursuit of optimal ways to bring nature indoors and turn every home into a personal sanctuary.